Lot C, Road D6, Duc Hoa III Industrial Park - Viet Hoa, Duc Lap Ha Commune, Duc Hoa District, Long An
About Us

Welcome to TPS GROUP



is the guideline for TPS Group to firmly step on the way to sustainable development

The path of formation and development

Established in 2004, the biggest asset that TPS GROUP owns is the staff with talent and passion to dedicate themselves. Over a period of construction and development, the path has gradually become clearer, the initial successes have been opened and the development orientation is gradually established.

Growing day by day, TPS GROUP focuses on investing for further goals, bringing the hearts of professionals to customers with quality products. In addition, focusing on taking care of employees’ lives with the desire to develop a sustainable team, building a solid foundation.

For us, non-stop efforts are the motto for survival and development. Along with the general development of society, TPS GROUP always reminds itself to constantly improve service quality as well as update modern production technologies into the production process.

Currently, TPS GROUP has risen to a new height, putting on a brand trusted by many individuals and businesses. We remind ourselves to constantly improve the quality of our services to bring our customers quality products instead of a deep thank you!

Transparency at work

We operate with the philosophy of promoting transparency in order to create trust to help partners, customers and employees feel completely secure when working with us.

Dedicated to customers

As one of the success guidelines of Thien Phu Si, we always put our heart and soul into anything, big or small.

Creativity in products

Constantly learning, creating and updating new trends to create high-quality products and services to bring the company to the forefront in its field of activity.

Reputation is number one

We are committed to doing our best to fulfill our promises, words go hand in hand with actions. Create a solid bridge with customers, suppliers, partners and investors for long-term cooperation and sustainable development

Vision & Mission

Business philosophy

TPS GROUP operates with the philosophy of dedication, dedication, putting ourselves in the customer to understand, and at the same time trying to solve the problems that occur in the most thorough way. And that is the business philosophy throughout that helps us overcome difficulties, meet the strict requirements of the market and bring satisfaction to customers.


TPS GROUP strives to become a multinational corporation, an abundant and attractive source of supply for domestic and foreign customers, investors and businesses.


In line with the common development of society and the country, we strive to create jobs for employees with a fair and professional working environment. In addition, we also try to bring Vietnamese products to the world.


Products are available all over the world