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Primary Plastic Beads

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Many sophisticated and high-tech plastic products are made from primary plastic beads. What is the best selling and popular primary plastic on the market today? Find out the TOP of the best virgin plastic beads on the market in 2022 through the following article.
I. PP – Polypropylene primary plastic beads
Primary PP plastic is definitely the first type of plastic when it comes to the best virgin plastic beads. This is the most popular and best-selling plastic in the market in 2022.

PP plastic beads possess many outstanding physical and chemical properties. Beads are waterproof, transparent, easy to print, non-toxic. Today, virgin PP plastic is widely used in the production of packaging materials, household appliances, etc.

Products from PP primary plastic usually have light weight and high durability. The only drawback of this plastic line is that the product is easily damaged after being left outdoors for a long time. However, in many respects, PP resin still has many advantages and is affordable.
II. PE granules of virgin plastic
According to statistics, annual primary PE plastic pellets consume about 60 million tons worldwide. Primary PE plastic is a very popular and best-selling thermoplastic in the market. Based on the mass, density, crystallinity, degree of crosslinking, PE resins are divided into many variations.

Accordingly, the top of the best primary plastic resins on the market in 2022 includes 3 popular variations of PE resins; those are HDPE, LDPE and LLDPE variants. Nowadays, primary PE plastic is widely applied in the processes of blowing film, producing wrapping film, shrink film… Products from PE are highly effective in terms of both cost and quality.

Popular primary plastic beads

PC plastic resin is a famous engineering plastic with good impact resistance. Products made from PC plastic beads have an eye-catching appearance and high applicability.

Besides, plastic beads have a certain hardness, toughness, good durability, so they are trusted by many customers. Therefore, PC plastic beads are also easily in the top of the best primary plastic resins in the market in 2022.

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IV. ABS plastic
The plastic toys that children are using, most of them are made from ABS plastic beads. ABS plastic beads possess many outstanding properties worthy of being one of the best and best-selling plastic beads.

The most advantage of this material line is its plastic strength, pressure resistance, warping resistance and excellent elasticity. Moreover, the finished product is always aesthetically pleasing thanks to the variety of colors of this plastic material. Today, primary ABS plastic is widely used in many industries. From industries, apparel, to household appliances, equipment and components…

Top best plastic resins on the market 2022

V. Primary plastic beads PA
PA primary plastic is also a type of engineering plastic in the top popular plastic beads. This material is also known as nylon. According to evaluation, PE plastic resin has good abrasion resistance and high durability.

Products from primary PA resin are easy to process, lightweight, durable and resistant to impacts (temperature, chemicals). Plastic beads are pure, safe and non-toxic. At present, PA plastic is used to produce all kinds of equipment, automotive machinery, medical …
BECAUSE. PET virgin plastic granules
Primary PET plastic is often widely used in household products, food containers, etc. The only drawback of PET resin is its low recyclability. Therefore, the single-use plastic products you often use are most likely made from this material.

If you are looking for PET plastic, you can refer to plastic beads provided by TPS Group. For many years in the field of plastic materials supply, TPS Group is committed to bringing high quality products at affordable prices.

Primary plastic at TPS Group factory

VII. PVC virgin plastic granules
PVC plastic beads are the last plastic beads introduced in the top popular primary plastic resins. Primary PVC plastic is an indispensable material for the production of plastic pipes. Besides, this material is also applied in a number of typical industries such as construction materials, industry …

PVC primary plastic is non-toxic, safe for users. Therefore, this plastic bead is also considered by experts as a good material on the market.

Above are the 7 best primary plastics on the market in 2022 that we have synthesized. TPS Group is the leading supplier of primary plastic resins in Vietnam market. If you are interested or want to buy plastic beads, contact us immediately to receive the latest 2022 product quote. Good luck!
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