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Construction grid

Construction grid

Construction mesh is a mesh used to shield the outside of construction works. Join Thien Phu Si to learn a little about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this product through the following article!

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I. What is a construction grid?

Building grid, aka construction grid, < /span>structure shielding mesh. From the name, you probably understand the use of this product.

This is an indispensable product when construction of houses and apartmentsAt construction sites, contractors often use nets to shield the works. This helps to reduce agents such as: dirt, soil, stones, bricks, nails, etc., falling into the surrounding environment, affecting workers and people in neighboring areas.

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1. Building grid structure

Construction Mesh is made of PE plastic fibers, crisscrossing to form a mesh. People often call it with the familiar name construction freight network. The mesh is woven into very small and even cells. With this structure, the product is easy to use and widely used in construction.

2. Properties of the grid 

Currently on the market, there are many types work shielding net different. Each type of net will have its own unique characteristics. However, in general, high-quality construction nets all possess the following characteristics:

  • Light weight, easy in construction, installation and transportation</ i>

Grid texture and tight connection, construction grid is relatively light in weight. In addition, the product is easy to fold/roll into blocks, which is very convenient in construction, installation and transportation.

  • High flexibility, elasticity and durability, no deformation with chemicals< /span>

Grid is composed of primary plastic beads should inherit properties such as: waterproof and chemical resistance. This helps to protect the building against the effects of harsh weather (rainstorms, humidity, etc.) of our country. In addition, the mesh cover also has high flexibility, elasticity and durability. The product has a shelf life of up to 1 – 5 years depending on the conditions of use.

  • Mesh can withstand outdoor temperatures well without melting</i >

Construction grid main purpose is to wrap and protect the outside of the building. Therefore, mesh products for construction are resistant to high temperatures, durable without melting.

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IV. Production process work mesh

To get high quality, durable products to customers, work mesh has to go through a 5-step manufacturing process. Specifically:

Step 1: Prepare production input span>

Material for production of construction netting is high quality PE virgin plastic.

Step 2: Spinning and spinning process</span >

Plastic mixture added to the machine, melted and spun. The silk threads will be spun and braided in this step.

Step 3: Weaving the mesh

After the silk thread is spun and braided, it is woven. Output woven nets will have to meet standards for knots and mesh sizes.

Step 4: Flush and check 

The mesh after being woven will be discharged and checked for standards such as: diameter, size, color… before finishing.

Step 5: Finishing and processing</span >

Finally, the mesh is stretched horizontally or vertically using the heat/heat method. This process requires the mechanic to check regularly to ensure the mesh is satisfactory. Finally, final inspection and finishing finished product.

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V. Instructions for using construction grid

Each type builder grid will have different uses . Thien Phu Si – specialized supplier of panels work shielding net. We would like to share with customers the instructions for using this product as follows:

  • For construction shielding mesh:</li >

Building netting is wrapped outside and fastened to the scaffolding frame. People often use twine to tie the scaffolding nets and connect the 2 meshes together.

  • For construction safety net: 

Mesh is fastened to the scaffolding frames, the two sides of the body are also threaded so that when pulling the rope, it is not slack. Note that the columns must be strong to withstand heavy weight.

  • For construction fence mesh:

The mesh is fixed to the fence frame around the building. Depending on the height of the frame, we choose the appropriate size grid.

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EN. Address to buy construction nets Prestige – quality

If you are wondering to find where to buy high quality construction mesh, affordable price, fast delivery, please refer to right at Thien Phu Si. We are a unit specializing in the distribution of prestigious construction nets, a long time in the market. We are proud to own:

  • Large factory system with a total area of ​​30,000m2. Production capacity over 36,000 tons/year.
  • Variety of goods, available in bulk at the factory. Committed to fast and door-to-door delivery.
  • High quality products, meeting safety and quality standards, origin.</ span>
  • Dedicated and enthusiastic customer service. A team of well-trained professionals, ready to support customers 24/7.
  • A long-standing, reputable supplier of industrial and construction plastic materials of many businesses in the world national and international.

We always try to develop every day to bring the best value to our customers. We believe that customers will find high quality products and services at Thien Phu Si.

VII. Cost of grid panels for construction works

Currently, for products grid works , There will be different quotes depending on the grid type and size. If you are interested in this product line, please contact the hotline 0918 694 749 for our consultation and quote.

For customers who buy in bulk, we have a very special discount. For retail and first-time buyers, we have accompanying after-sales services.

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This article has provided useful information for customers who are interested in products construction net. Thien Phu Si JSC we currently provide a variety of materials products Prestigious, quality construction plastic with competitive price nationwide. Contact us now to receive attractive offers!

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