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Corrugated Laminate Panels

Corrugated Laminate Panels

As a line of interior and exterior decoration materials with preeminent features, corrugated laminate panels are popularly used in daily life. Let’s learn a little bit about Thien Phu Si about information, uses, production process and the latest 2022 price list of this material!

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I. What is corrugated iron wall paneling?

Gives users a modern and sophisticated living space thanks to a variety of wave surfaces. corrugated board also known as panel corrugated plastic or corrugated blue, is a decorative material with high applicability both indoors and outdoors.

Today, with its structure and aesthetic, blue wave < span style=”font-weight: 400;”>has become an indispensable part to create accents in modern buildings.

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1. Construction of corrugated wall paneling

Composed of 4 solid and uniform layers, corrugated blue plastic panel Thien Phu Si is always trusted by customers. Specifically, 4 layers of product structure are as follows:

1.1. Surface protection

The surface coating of smart materials is usually thin and transparent, and wave slides are no exception. Although the coating is thin, the surface protection and UV protection is very good. At the same time, this layer is also dustproof, easy to clean. This helps keep the product fresh even after a long time.

1.2. Decorative overlays

Modern, sleek design are the terms for the decorative overlay of corrugated iron. This coating has a variety of textures and colors. Depending on the space and preferences, customers will choose the desired model of the product.

1.3. Glue layer

The glue layer of corrugated plastic panel is a special glue, used to bind parts of the panel together. The high adhesion of this adhesive helps to form a complete panel.

1.4. Base/bottom layer

Blue corrugated plastic panel has a thick, extremely solid base. The panel has a 4-layer structure: protective layer, coating layer, glue layer and base layer to make corrugated iron products durable, waterproof, anti-termite and beautiful over time.

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2. Properties 

Corn is a material of beautiful appearance and outstanding quality. The products of corrugated iron manufactured by Thien Phu Si are durable, long life with many outstanding features such as:

  • High moisture resistance, waterproof, heat resistance

Strong 4-layer construction makes it corrugated plastic panel has outstanding water resistance. The ability to resist moisture and heat is also quite good. This creates favorable conditions for interior decoration because our country’s climate is hot and rainy.

  • Effective sound and heat insulation

Light weight, soft core helps corrugated board effective in sound and heat insulation.

  • Scratch resistant, easy to clean and maintain the product during use

Blue Wave has a shiny surface and has a protective coating against dirt. Users can easily clean periodically without spending too much effort.

  • User-friendly and secure

Blue corrugated plastic panel is manufactured from natural materials. No harmful substances are produced during use. Panels are environmentally friendly materials and are safe for users.

Although it is a “late birth” product, blue wave is really a superior product line. Inheriting many preeminent properties, laminate tiles brings a luxurious, sophisticated and classy space. This is a line of materials that are used a lot in today’s life.

Tấm ốp lam sóng là gì

3. Classification of Lam Song plastic panels

Is one of the materials that have an influence on the interior industry because of its uniqueness, creating accents in important spaces. According to the properties blue wave is classified into 2 types: laminate indoor wave and outdoor corrugated board.

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3.1. Indoor waves

This material line is only for indoor interior items such as: wall cladding, ceiling, wall, shelf… Also, not for outside area because it affects the quality and life of the project.

Indoor waves has the following characteristics:

  • Waterproof, good moisture resistance, no shrinkage and expansion.
  • Really designed, the wood grain surface is incredibly vivid.
  • The surface of the corrugated sheet is coated with a thick nano-film for good resistance to scratches or abrasion.
  • Can be applied directly to the surface of the wall without worrying about damaging the wall and the product.

3.2. Outdoor Waves

The product is used as an outdoor decoration accessory such as: flower shelf, balcony… without fear of being affected by weather and climate factors. Outdoor corrugated iron is manufactured with features such as:

  • Absolutely waterproof, anti-warping, termite resistant.
  • Ultraviolet resistant, high temperature resistant.
  • The wood grain surface is beautifully designed, natural. As a suitable decorative material to replace outdoor wood.

Each region has different characteristics and requirements, so please choose the appropriate material. If you are still wondering about the right product, please contact Thien Phu Si for a free consultation!

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II. Specifications of corrugated board

On the market, corrugated wall paneling products will have the following standard specifications:

  • Circle height: 29mm x 204mm x 3000mm (length can be customized on request).</ li>
  • Low corrugated board: 16mm x 204mm x 3000mm (length can be customized upon request).</ li>

As a unit specializing in the production and supply of building materials, including lamp /span>, Thien Phu Si is ready to support the production of products according to customers’ orders. In addition to the standard standard parameters, customers can completely customize the size to use with the company. Please contact us immediately for instructions!

Tấm ốp lam sóng có những loại nào

III. Uses of corrugated iron panels

Most popular, corrugated board has many functions prominent use. Today, this product is widely used in life and industry. With Thien Phu Si immediately consult the information about the product’s use as follows:

1. In life

In real life, corrugated iron wall cladding products are mainly used as indoor tiles.

Beautiful features, high durability, easy construction and cleaning. At the same time, wall panels also create accents for important areas. You will easily come across corrugated laminate panels in positions such as: living room wall, stair paneling, church wall paneling… Water resistance, antibacterial help the product also contribute in decorate the kitchen, bathroom…

Of course, there are still some apartments and villas that use outdoor tiles to make balconies, outdoor decorative ceilings. Products with high applicability.

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2. In industry

Blue corrugated plastic panel is resistant to impact and durable water. The product has a long service life, is beautiful and durable even though it has been used for a long time. Works from offices, schools, business establishments… to public works all use corrugated iron as a high-quality decorative product.

Ứng dụng rộng rãi trong đời sống của tấm ốp tường dạng lam sóng

IV. Production process corrugated board

A fairly new product in interior design, wave pattern is manufactured with the main component of PVC and a wooden set. Products are manufactured on a high-tech process, realistic depictions bring a modern and sophisticated space. Diverse wave surface, suitable for many objects in the area to be decorated. The corrugated board can completely replace the traditional material because if we look at it with the naked eye, we cannot distinguish the corrugated board from the natural wood panel.

In the cutting and finishing stages of the product, Thien Phu Si will, depending on the needs of the order, cut and produce according to the predetermined size. If customers still do not know what size to use, which product is suitable, we will have a dedicated consulting team. We are committed to consulting and answering all questions for customers.

Tấm ốp lam sóng tại nhà máy Thiện Phú Sĩ

V. Instructions for using the corrugated board

The corrugated board product has a relatively complicated construction. The construction process for this product usually goes through 4 steps as follows:

Step 1: Choose a suitable corrugated iron wall pattern and view carefully review and check the construction area

Wall tiles in the form of waves have a variety of designs and textures. Therefore, you should choose a beautiful model, suitable for the intended installation location.

Step 2: Install the skeleton

Installing the skeleton is an important step. Overall, whether the wall cladding is standard, beautiful or not depends entirely on this step. The constructor needs to calculate and install the appropriate skeleton to avoid the situation of disparity.

Step 3: Install the panels according to the built skeleton

Once the skeleton is firmly in place, we should proceed to install the cladding. Use necessary tools such as glue, brackets to install and finish the panel.

Step 4: Finishing and handing over the finished product</span >
Finally check the joints, edges of the panel. After the parts are up to standard, the constructor will hand over the finished product to the homeowner.

For this wall paneling, Thien Phu Si recommends hiring a construction company. The construction cost of corrugated board material is not too high, suitable for many needs. Besides, the construction unit will help you build and install the space according to standards, with high aesthetics, suitable for the environment.

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EN. Address to buy reputable corrugated board – quality

You are still wondering in choosing a provider corrugated board beautiful, good price but still quality? You want advice on interior and exterior design with corrugated iron wall panels in your villa?

Thien Phu Si – a unit specializing in the production and supply of construction plastic products, including blue corrugated board. With nearly 20 years of experience in this field, we are committed to being a reliable address for all customers.

At Thien Phu we have:

  • Excellent customer service: for first time buyers, retail buyers or bulk buyers, we have the same level private offer. The accompanying utility services such as transportation, loading and unloading, warehousing… always put the interests of customers first. We set the criterion “please come, please go”, believe that is a good choice for you.
  • Dedicated staff: we have a team of enthusiastic consultants, ready to support 24/7; a team of skilled technicians, many years of experience; delivery staff carefully, reputable, always deliver on time as required.
  • Goods at the company: always available in large quantities. Warehouse with a total area of ​​nearly 30,000m2 with many types of products. This is an advantage at the company because we always meet the needs of customers well. You need fast delivery, don’t worry, we will deliver it to you right away!


VII. Price of Lam Song plastic panels

Contact the hotline now 0918 694 749 for quick update of price list Latest products of corrugated iron at Thien Phu Si.

We have different quotes depending on the size and model. However, we guarantee competitive and extremely favorable prices.

Thien Phu Si JSC we currently provide a wide range of reputable and quality plastic construction materials at competitive prices nationwide. We believe that the above article has provided enough information about the product corrugated board for customers.

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If you are interested in this modern line of plastic materials, please contact us immediately for a FREE consultation and quote.

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