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Geotextile is a fabric used to line the foundation and make roads. The product is widely applied in technical fields such as traffic, environment, etc. Let’s find out a little bit about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this product!

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I. What is geotextile?

Geotextile, also known as geotextile</span > or background fabric. According to Wikipedia, geotextile is a permeable fabric that, when used as a lining in the soil, has the ability to separating, filtering, protecting, reinforcing and draining.

This is a specialized fabric used in many projects today. The product stands out as a support tool to help save costs and labor while ensuring the certainty of the foundation of the project.

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1. Geotextile Structure

Constituents of geotextiles today are petroleum by-products. Usually polypropylene and/or polyester.

Depending on the compound and structure padding fabric< span style=”font-weight: 400;”> will have different properties and classifications.

2. Properties of geotextile

Geotextile owns the following outstanding properties:

2.1. Geotextile is easy to transport and apply

Road lining fabric is produced in sheets/rolls, easy to transport and construction without spending too much effort and cost.

2.2. Has permeability and functions of separating, filtering, protecting, reinforcing and draining water

During construction, each road section needs to be calculated on the quality of soil, water flow, canals, etc., so as not to affect the durability and quality of the works. Geotextiles with the functions of separating, filtering, protecting, reinforcing and draining water, act as a solid reinforcement step for the construction industry. At the same time, when using the product, you will not spend too much on labor and materials.

2.3. Highly durable when exposed to light

Application in construction works, geotextile usually exposed to sunlight for a long time. Therefore, when manufacturing this product, it is always carefully calculated for its durability.

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2.4. High tensile strength and low elongation

One ​​sheet background fabric will normally have tensile strength from a few tens to several hundred kN/m and low elongation. The tensile strength of the fabric will work evenly with the soil pressure, helping to stabilize and control the deformation of the soil.

Geotextile what is it

3. Geotextile Classification

On the market, geotextile products have 3 basic types: geotextile, nonwoven and composite geotextile. . Let’s find out in detail these 3 types as follows:

3.1. Woven Geotextile

This is the first made technical fabric, possessing 3 functions: separation, reinforcement and water purification. Geotextile produced from weaving technique is a fabric woven from polypropylene and polyester fibers. Manufacturers bring these two fibers to weave horizontally and vertically, similar to the way fabric is woven in the garment industry.

Since it’s the first fabric, geotextile weaving still exists some disadvantages such as not durable when subjected to force. In addition, geotextiles are easy to move and the drainage capacity is not high.

According to experts, this is a fabric that is easy to manufacture, easy to buy and easy to use. The product is also low cost. In the market, geo fabric produced by weaving technique is mainly: fabricPP material and high strength woven fabric.

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3.2. Non-woven geotextile

Not directly woven like geotextile woven, geotextilenonwoven created by connecting threads fabric with adhesive. The finished product after being bonded is usually white or ash-gray, relatively uniform, and has good tightness.

In Vietnam, non-woven geotextiles are mainly sold in two types: ART geotextile (made in Vietnam) and imported geotextile. Each type possesses certain advantages and disadvantages to meet user needs. Depending on the purpose and available funds, customers should choose the appropriate product.

3.3. Composite geotextile

Later than the above two types of geotextiles, composite geo-manufactured fabric is a great combination of the advantages of the fabric. geowoven and non-woven.

The product is made on the principle of sewing extra load-bearing yarn bundles on the surface. Therefore, the product gives outstanding quality, suitable for many complex projects. However, this means that the product is quite expensive. The product with the highest price in the 3 categories.

Conclusion: customers should choose products based on the project, budget and objective factors padding fabric suitable. Avoid using high-priced products for simple projects. Or use products with low cost and quality that are not enough for complex projects. If you still have doubts, please leave your information for us to consult for FREE.

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II. Geotextile specifications

Clothing products as we have shared above are divided into 3 types. Each type will have different specifications, please calculate and come up with the right product for your project.

  • For locally produced nonwoven fabric products:< /i>

Cloth width: 2m, 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m.

Weight: from 100g/m2 – 1000g/m2.

Size: depends on roll length: 100m, 150m, 175m, 200m, 250m…

  • For fabric products manufactured according to technical standards of weaving:</ i>

Cloth width: 2m, 3.5m.

Weight: from 100g/m2 – over 1000g/m2.

Size: depends on roll length: 100m, 140m, 160m, 220m, 320m, 500m…

  • For fabric products manufactured according to complex technical standards</ i>

Geofabric products manufactured according to complex technical standards are rarely used at construction sites. Normally, the product is only used in projects with complex and weak foundations. Therefore, depending on the project, the manufacturer will produce this product according to the appropriate size.

Here are some standard specifications that customers can choose from. In addition, Thien Phu Si manufactures products according to customer’s order requirements. Customers who need to order products according to their own size, please contact the hotline immediately for our support.

Geotextile What types are there

III. Uses of geotextiles

Today, the product is widely available in many human works. Below is a list of some of the product uses