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Marble PVC panels

Marble PVC panels

Looking for marble PVC panels? Are you wondering how the quality and practical use of PVC stone slabs are? In this article, we will learn about the latest product and price list in 2021.

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I. What is PVC marble sheet?

Marble PVC Sheet is a man-made material, inspired by rare marble in nature. The product has very beautiful colors and patterns and is quite similar to natural marble.

The product also has a number of other names such as: stone-grained PVC sheet, stone-grained PVC sheet< /span>, imitation stone plastic sheet… PVC sheet is made of PPR + PVC material that is water resistant, mildew resistant, and has good oxidation resistance. . Therefore, it is widely used in decorating homes, restaurants, hotels…

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1. Structure of PVC marble sheet

Marble-grained PVC sheet is composed of 3 main components: PVC core layer, stone vein film layer and UV coating. The PVC core layer is made from PVC with good durability, flexibility and good electrical and thermal insulation.

Stone film layer is the layer on top of the PVC core. This is the layer that creates the color and texture of the outside stone for PVC sheet. The stone vein film layer will be able to form many different colors on the surface, creating a variety of products. The UV coating is the coating on the surface of stone grain PVC sheet. This coating has a good protective effect on the surface of PVC panels.

2. Properties

It is a man-made product, but the product has a realism of up to 99%, if you don’t look closely, it will be difficult to distinguish it from real stone. This is due to the extremely special properties of the materials that make up the product.

  • PVC material with durable properties, good toughness and long service life.
  • Stone film layer creates beautiful, unique and natural vein colors.
  • UV coating with hardness, good gloss, easy to clean. Surface hardness reaches 3H – 6H.
  • Good abrasion resistance and fire resistance up to A grade. Besides, it also has the ability to sound insulation is very good.
  • No harmful substances, no radiation, safe for users.</ li>

3. Classification

Currently, there are many types on the market PVC marble sheet . People will rely on the origin and color to distinguish the types of twarm PVC stone grain.

  • About origin: People will rely on origin from China, Taiwan, Vietnam… to classify </li span>stone-grained PVC sheet.
  • Color: People will rely on the colors on the stone surface to classify product samples.</ span>


II. Uses of PVC marble slabs

Stone-grained PVC panels are favored by many customers because this product has many special uses. Here are some special uses of the product that you can refer to.

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1. Good waterproof, moisture-proof and water-resistant ability

The product is made of PVC so it is very waterproof, moisture-proof and water-resistant. This will be a great solution to replace defective or waterlogged areas of the house.

It is thanks to its good waterproofing that the product is widely used in bathrooms, spas, massage…

2. Fire resistance, good sound insulation and wear resistance

A great use of this product is its fire resistance and good sound insulation. Besides, it is resistant to abrasion and scratchesg is appreciated.

In addition, this product is also commonly used to decorate karaoke rooms, restaurants…

3. Shiny surface, easy to clean

Due to the protective UV layer outside, the product has a shiny surface and is easy to clean and sanitize. Besides, the product is also very difficult to get dust, so it is very suitable for decoration in luxurious places.

4. Good insulation and heat retention

Another special use of this product is good insulation in summer and good heat retention in winter. The space inside the house will become cool, comfortable and luxurious.

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5. Highly aesthetic

Marble PVC sheet has beautiful colors and is 99% real. Therefore, the product has a very high aesthetic value and is preferred for decoration in luxurious areas.


III. Instructions for using stone PVC panels

For walls made of stone PVC sheet beautiful marble then we need to use it properly and properly. First, you need to plan the design of the area to be decorated marble PVC panel. Next, choose a stone model that is suitable for the space and design ideas. Finally, proceed with the construction and cladding of PVC panels in accordance with the original design.

Besides, you should also note some of the following issues, when usingstone-grained PVC panels:

  • Need to plan and evaluate first to avoid design mistakes after doing.</li >
  • Choose the color of stone-grained PVC sheet span> matches the current space and its intended use. Avoid choosing the wrong color, not matching the space.


EN. Prestigious – quality shopping address

If you are planning to use marble PVC sheet for work your program. It is best to find a company that provides reputable and quality products.

On the market, now there are many units providing products PVC marble slabs< /span>. However, not all units provide reputable and quality products. Therefore, you need to consider carefully and choose the most reputable supplier.

Thien Phu Si – Proud to be a manufacturing and supplying unit of products PVC marble slabs</strong >reputation. Products are manufactured with modern, automated production lines and strict processing procedures.

Besides, Thien Phu Si also has a team of experienced technical staff. Can assist customers in choosing and checking products before buying.

We are always confident to bring our customers the best quality products. The products are diverse in design and have the best prices. We are committed to saying no to fake or poor quality goods.

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VII. Price of PVC marble sheet

The cost of PVC marble slabs will depend on many factors such as: quantity, specification requirements, product samples… To To receive accurate price information, you can contact us directly via hotline: