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PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam Board

PVC Foam board was born to overcome the disadvantages of traditional construction materials. Join Thien Phu Si to learn a little about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this product!

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I. What is PVC Foam Board?

PVC Foam board also known as PVC Foam board or PVC Foam board, is a sheet building material. This product is considered a new material in the interior design industry.

PVC Foam Sheet was born to replace industrial wood products, plywood, and MDF boards. Therefore, plastic panels were born possessing many advantages and overcoming the disadvantages of traditional materials such as: mold, termites… This is a familiar product, participating in items such as making shelves. cabinets, decorative partitions...

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1. Construction of PVC Foam Board

Construction of PVC Foam sheet includes 2 parts: core and surface

1.1. Core part of PVC Foam sheet

The core has a natural softness. This creates the advantage of soundproofing, good electrical insulation of the product.

1.2. Surface part

The surface is solid. Normally, the surface of the product is white. However, depending on the manufacturer, PVC Foam sheet can be coated with wood grain color, stone grain… This is to increase the aesthetics of the product.

The structure of PVC Foam sheet is simple, light weight but durable. This is also considered an advantage of the product compared to other decorative product lines.

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2. Properties 

PVC Foam Sheet provided by Thien Phu Si has outstanding properties that other traditional materials do not have. Customers can refer to some of the following great features:

2.1. Light weight, waterproof and good fire resistance

PVC Foam sheet is lightweight, waterproof, and resistant to water. Furthermore, the surfaces covered or decorated with this product have excellent fire resistance. The main reason for the outstanding properties is because of the structure of the product mentioned above.

2.2. Good insulation, impact resistance and chemical corrosion resistance

Compounds in PVC Foam make the product resistant to impact and chemical corrosion well. Therefore, the product is always a safe choice when decorating home interiors. Good electrical and thermal insulation.

2.3. Satisfies all interior projects because of easy construction and durable quality

PVC Foam Sheet is tough, durable and is a new technological plastic wood product line. The product has the ability to meet all projects because of its ease of construction (drilling, gluing, nailing …). Besides, the product life is long up to 50 years, so it is very popular in the market.

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3. Classification

On the market today, PVC Foam sheet is sold under plate form and has specific specifications. Thien Phu Si will simply classify this product as follows:

3.1. Hard PVC Foam

hard PVC Foam is quite sturdy and durable. This product line has common parameters: 1220 x 2440mm and thickness ranges from 5mm – 25mm. Common sheet thicknesses are: 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm and 25mm.

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3.2. Soft PVC Foam

Soft PVC Foam has high porosity and a slightly rough surface. Soft type with common parameter is: 1220 x 2440mm as rigid PVC Foam. Available in thickness ranging from 2mm – 18mm.

Depending on the product, you should choose soft or hard PVC Foam. Both product lines are available in different thickness levels, making it very convenient for the manufacturer to fabricate the finished product.

Also, specific color of PVC Foam sheet is solid white. To serve your decorative and aesthetic needs, you can completely order products that have been painted or painted with wood or stone textures… In case you have any doubts about the right type of plastic sheet, please contact us for a FREE consultation.

II. Specifications of PVC Foam board

A new product with the title of “the creator of luxurious and classy interior spaces”. PVC Foam in addition to its outstanding features, also has the advantage of having a variety of sizes to choose from.

Usually, PVC Foam sheet usually cut in sheet form with Dimensions: 1220 x 2440 x 5mm. However, the thickness can be varied, ranging from 2mm – 35mm. This makes this plastic material widely used and present in many important interior items.

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III. Uses of PVC Foam board

Today, PVC Foam board is known as a high-class products, diverse applications in space construction. So what are the uses of this product in life and in industry? Please consult Thien Phu Si for the following information:

1. In life

Today, we easily come across household furniture made from PVC Foam sheet.

  • Durable, sturdy, colorful, and highly aesthetic: PVC Foam used as stair partitions, room dividers, kitchen cabinets, decorative shelves…
  • Safety, non-toxic and recyclable materials. Therefore, PVC Foam is always popular for home interior decoration products.

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2. In industry

In industry, PVC Foam sheet is no less competitive with other materials. This material overcomes the remaining shortcomings of the industrial wood industry, while maintaining the aesthetics of the building. Specifically:

  • Extremely good electrical and thermal insulation properties. In addition, the product with the advantage of weather resistance should be applied as signs, billboards, construction boards…
  • Termite and fire resistant; no warping and shrinking: PVC Foam is widely used in industrial parks, export processing to make wall tiles, cabinets, room dividers…
  • In addition, PVC Foam is also made in a variety of designs, serving decorative needs , different designs by manufacturers. The product is highly aesthetic, has many uses and brings a lot of value to the user.
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IV. The process of