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PVC nano panel

PVC nano panel

Nano PVC panels are a line of building materials used to replace traditional materials thanks to many preeminent features. Currently, the product is being used very popular in the market.

So what are the characteristics of PVC nano wall panels? Join Thien Phu Si to learn a little about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this product!

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I. What is nano PVC cladding?

nano PVC panels also have other names such as: nano PVC wall panels, PVC wall panels nano. This is a construction plastic material used to decorate walls and ceilings.

The product has a beautiful, authentic design with diverse designs and outstanding quality. In addition, the product is also durable, affordable, safe and environmentally friendly.

1. Construction of PVC nano panel

PVC nano wall panel has a structure of 4 layers including: surface layer, coating, middle layer and base layer. Each layer will have different properties and roles, for example:

1.1. Surface layer

The first layer of nano PVC wall panel is the surface layer. This is a layer with good resistance, scratch resistance, moisture resistance and high temperature resistance. In addition, this surface layer also has the effect of preventing dirt, keeping the surface beautiful and glossy.

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1.2. Overlay

The coating is the 2nd layer of nano PVC material. This coating will often be decorated with different colors and textures. For example: wood grain textures, stone textures, 3D paintings… Depending on the interior space and preferences of the investor, the pattern of the PVC nano panel will be chosen accordingly.

1.3. Middle Layer

The middle layer of the plastic sheet is the layer below the coating, which creates space, helping to disperse the force. At the same time, the middle layer also plays the role of creating the connection between the two surfaces of the plate. It can be said that the middle layer plays a very important role in the overall structure of the panel.

1.4. Base layer

The base layer is the final layer of PVC nano wall panel. The base layer is thick, stable and makes the product sturdy. In addition, the base layer also has a moisture/noiseproof effect, bringing many conveniences to the user.

2. Properties 

Considered as an artificial product, replacing traditional materials, PVC nano wall panel has special properties such as:  span>

  • Good waterproof, mildew and oxidation resistance

Thanks to the hollow cell design in the middle layer of the panel, PVC nano sheet is waterproof and mildew resistant. In addition, the product also has excellent anti-oxidant properties.

  • Heat, soundproof and fireproof

Thanks to the thick middle layer and base, the product has good heat resistance and sound insulation. In addition, the product also has extremely effective fire retardant properties. That is why the product is used to replace traditional materials.

  • Easy construction and good maintainability

PVC nano wall cladding when construction is not too complicated. We can easily remove the case without worrying about damage or breakage. The panel’s light weight makes it easy to construct, screw, cut, etc. In addition, the product’s surface is smooth and glossy, so it is easy to maintain and clean.

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  • Safe and eco-friendly

PVC nano wall panels is made of PVC material that is absolutely safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Besides, the panel also has the ability to prevent bacteria, mold from sticking and harmful to human health.

"PVC-nano-panel3. ClassificationPVC nano wall panels are classified mainly based on texture coating. Currently, products are classified into 5 popular categories as follows:

3.1. PVC nano stone pattern

Stone PVC wall paneling has a marble-like texture. Stone pattern is popular in stores, offices, living rooms… because of its elegance and breath of modernity.

3.2. PVC nano wood grain

PVC nano wall panel with wood grain texture is a type of panel that resembles the texture of natural wood. This type of cladding is suitable for classical spaces.

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3.3. Modern PVC nano pattern

modern PVC nano texture has designs with delicate, harmonious lines. Products are often selected in open, modern spaces.

3.4. Classic PVC nano texture

Considered as one of the panels exclusively for customers who love the classic style.

3.5. PVC nano 3D painting

Suitable for customers who want the wall or ceiling to really stand out and come to life. PVC nano 3D painting has natural, lifelike lines. Materials help create a sense of attraction and highlight the work.

II. Specifications of PVC nano panel

The PVC nano panel product of Thien Phu Si is manufactured according to the following specifications:

  • Length: 2900mm
  • Width: 400mm
  • Thickness: depending on the model, usually the product has thicknesses: 6.5mm, 9mm…</ li>
  • Origin: virgin resin

Depending on the area, surface and pattern of the product, the customer needs to calculate and choose the appropriate size. If you are still wondering, please contact us for a free sample consultation.

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III. Uses of PVC nano panels

A companion in many projects. Nowadays, products PVC nano panel is widely present in life and industry . So what is the general use of this smart material? Please consult Thien Phu Si for the following information:

1. In life

PVC nano wall panels appear in many families and apartments from the living room to the kitchen.

Durable over time, the surface is always new and beautiful, easy to clean. This makes the product widely used in apartment buildings.

Besides, the wall or ceiling of the living room, family bedroom also uses this material a lot. PVC nano makes the home space really beautiful and luxurious. Therefore, it is not difficult to explain why it is so widely used!

2. In industry

Projects such as: designing restaurants, hotels, spas, offices… always have the presence of nano PVC wall cladding. With uses such as decoration, beauty, moisture-proof, fire-proof … and many other outstanding utilities. The product has been, is and will be a reliable and popular material line in the market.

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IV. Production process nano PVC panels

The cladding product is made of PVC nano with extremely high safety. Years of experience in manufacturing – distributing plastic construction materials, products PVC nano panel Thien Phu Si is always trusted by customers.

The main ingredients of the product include: virgin plastic beads and other plastic additive powders that are safe and environmentally friendly. Products are manufactured by Thien Phu Si according to a complex process with breakthrough nanotechnology. That’s why tPVC nano wall plastic wall warmer has outstanding advantages.

Tấm ốp tường PVC nano tại nhà mãy Thiện Phú Sĩ

V. Instructions for using PVC nano panels

For interior decoration products, Thien Phu Si always advises customers to hire their own construction team. Do not arbitrarily buy PVC nano wall panels about construction (including construction of parts small).

Many customers have shared about buying panels for construction. However, the wrong construction makes the wall not have the desired aesthetic effect. In addition, there is an additional cost of buying and re-constructing the work.

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To ensure the actual progress and quality of the work, we would like to share the simple construction steps as follows: 

  • Step 1: Measure and cut to the correct size

Constructors need to measure and carefully consider the construction surface before proceeding with wall and ceiling cladding. Measurements need to match the assembly position. Then, cut the panel to the measured size.

  • Step 2: Match and fix the panels

The panels that were cut to standard sizes in step 1 are joined and fixed together. The worker needs to match the joints with the joints. Then cover the wall/ceiling surface as intended. Finally, secure the panels with nails.

  • Step 3: Corner treatment</span >

One ​​part to pay attention to is the corner of the wall. In this part, the construction worker will balance and process the corner to be square and complete.

  • Step 4: Finished product</span >

Completing the above 3 steps, the worker will accept the final acceptance. After handling all problems, the project will be handed over to the customer.

EN. Address to buy prestigious – quality PVC nano panels

You are still wondering in choosing a supplier PVC nano panel</span > cheap, reputable and quality guaranteed? Please refer to Thien Phu Si   – manufacturer  – supplier PVC nano wall panels.
With nearly 20 years of experience Thien Phu Si is committed to being a reliable address for all customers with:

  • Large factory system: with a total area of ​​up to 30,000m2 in Ho Chi Minh City and Long An. Modern machinery system, high technology and fully automatic. Committed to output products with outstanding quality.
  • Dedicated staff: we have a team of enthusiastic consultants, ready to support 24/7; a team of skilled technicians, many years of experience; delivery staff carefully, reputable, always deliver on time as required.
  • Goods at the company: always available in large quantities. This is an advantage at the company because we always meet the needs of customers well. You need fast delivery, don’t worry, we will deliver it to you right away!

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VII. Price of pvc nano panel

Tấm ốp đẹp, đa dạng và tính ứng dụng cao

Depending on the size and texture PVC nano wall panels there are different prices. If you are looking for an accurate quote – fast – with great deals, contact the hotline 0918 694 749 to update the table Latest prices at Thien Phu Si.

Thien Phu Si JSC we currently provide a wide range of reputable and quality plastic construction materials at competitive prices nationwide. We believe that the above article has provided enough information about the product PVC nano panel for customers.

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If you are interested in this modern material, don’t hesitate to contact us for a FREE consultation and quote.

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