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SPC Plastic Flooring

SPC Plastic Flooring

Known as a smart material, SPC plastic flooring was born to bring many conveniences in interior design. Join Thien Phu Si to learn a little about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this plastic floor!

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I. What is SPC vinyl flooring?

SPC Flooring (Stone Plastic Composite) has names like : locked vinyl flooring imitation wood laminate flooring. It is a special material for the construction of floor coverings. This material is produced to replace traditional materials such as wood, natural stone, ceramic tile…

SPC Locked Laminate Flooring is used as a floor covering for most projects from civil to public.

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1. SPC plastic floor structure

Faux wood plastic flooring Thien Phu Si is high quality and has good applicability. This is partly due to the product’s superior texture, which is composed of 5 layers. Specifically:

1.1. UV Coating

UV coating is the top layer of SPC lock vinyl flooring. This coating is transparent, has the effect of blocking the direct impact of UV rays on the product. Helps protect the floor surface to always be beautiful and durable over time.

1.2. Nano Coating

The second layer after the UV overlay. This is a protective layer on the floor surface, anti-scratch and anti-slip when walking on the floor.

1.3. Wood grain paper layer

The layer of wood grain paper is a texture layer, creating aesthetics for the floor. Depending on the preferences of the homeowner, choose a wood grain pattern suitable for the architecture of the project. The wood grain of SPC lock vinyl flooring the color is very realistic, like natural wood. Help the space increase harmony and elegance.

1.4. SPC Core

The difference of laminate flooring compared to other common types of flooring is the floor core. SPC core is made from primary resin combined with stone powder. This blend offers high strength and outstanding safety. Meanwhile, ordinary floors are often made from recycled plastic, which is not good for humans.

1.5. Moisture/noise resistant bottom layer

The last surface layer aka the base/bottom layer. The bottom layer has the main function to help the floor balance, prevent warping and deformation by other agents. In addition, this bottom layer is also resistant to moisture and noise. Optimal floor protection.

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2. Properties of SPC vinyl flooring

Let’s learn some outstanding features of this smart product line together. Specifically as follows:

  • Beautiful, elegant and realistic design

Color, design of faux wood floor very nice and realistic. The space is lined with luxurious and aesthetically pleasing floors.

  • Mould resistant, anti-slip

The structure of SPC locking vinyl flooring makes the product capable anti-mold and anti-slip properties. This is an advantage of flooring over traditional materials.

For the hot, humid climate with a lot of rain in Vietnam, vinyl flooring will withstand this harsh weather well. Very good resistance to warping and deformation compared to many common woods.

  • Insulation, insulation and fire resistance

SPC Locked Laminate Flooring has good fire resistance, insulation and bearing capacity. Ensure user safety. In addition, the bottom layer of the floor is resistant to noise and has extremely high sound insulation efficiency. The floor brings comfort and ease to customers.

  • Easy to install and maintain

The surface is covered with a transparent layer, in addition to being UV resistant, the floor is also resistant to stains. This makes it easy to clean. The floor surface is always bright and shiny even after a long time of use.

Faux wood flooring is very easy to install, so the construction cost is very affordable. The price is suitable for many customers.

3. Classification

Faux wood plastic flooring Thien Phu Si is manufactured and classified by: thickness, wear layer and padding ( pad). Specifically:

    • Thickness: laminate flooring has the following thicknesses: 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm, 8.0 mm.


    • Wear layer: 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, 0mm.


    • Pad: 1.0mm, 2.0mm, 0mm.


Plastic flooring products are manufactured in different sizes. Depending on the needs, customers choose the appropriate floor model.
Usually, the thicker the floor, the higher the price of the floor. If you still haven’t chosen the right size, contact us now for a FREE consultation!

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II. Specifications of plastic flooring SPC 

To calculate and choose the right product for the project area, you need to understand the specifications of the plastic floor. For wooden plastic flooring, product specifications usually have 2 specific parameters:

    • First parameter: 907.2mm x 142.2mm x 4mm


    • Second parameter 2: 1224mm x 182mm x 4mm


Please calculate and choose the appropriate floor type. Avoid buying excess or shortage, causing costly costs during construction and installation.

What are the types of wood-plastic flooring

III. Uses of SPC plastic flooring

SPC Laminate Flooring is known as the perfect material for home decoration. Products have high applicability from civil buildings to public works. So what are the uses of this product in life and in industry? Please consult Thien Phu Si for the following information:

1. In life

SPC Locked Laminate Flooring inherits many outstanding advantages of the plastic flooring material line. Besides, it also has its own advantages such as: waterproof, anti-termite, fireproof… 
The product is trusted and used by many people in life. You can easily see the bathroom, kitchen or toilet… of many families who are using this type of plastic floor. The floor is 100% water resistant, this can be seen as the reason the floor is so highly applied.

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2. In industry

Plastic flooring made of SPC material is extremely widely used for offices, offices, and public buildings. … 

    • For public works: the product has a long life, easy construction and easy maintenance.


    • For office work, business office: affordable installation cost. Price faux wood flooring is cheaper than traditional wood and ceramic tiles. In addition, the product can be reused when relocating, extremely convenient but also highly effective in terms of form.


Thien Phu Si with many years in the industry, specializes in the installation and construction of projects from civil to public. We believe, SPC vinyl flooring Thien Phu Si will be the creator. so the space is luxurious – classy – delicate for you!

Sàn nhựa SPC ứng dụng rộng rã trong đời sống và công nghiệp

IV. Production processSPC plastic floor

“Famous as alcohol” is an eco-friendly material. What do you know about manufacturing process SPC lock vinyl flooring? Thien Phu Si would like to share the simple process to produce this product as follows:

    • Main raw materials: PE virgin resin, CaC03 stone powder and additives plastic industry.


    • The ingredients are mixed according to the manufacturer’s proportions. Then it is put into the pressing system under high temperature and pressure to form sheets.


    • We can easily see that the product’s materials are completely free of harmful substances. The production process is simple and completely environmentally friendly.


With this structure feature and manufacturing process, SPC lock vinyl flooring is considered an effective and safe interior decoration product today.

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V. Instructions for using SPC plastic flooring

For fake wood flooring products, we recommend that users hire a unit to construct the floor. SPC locking vinyl flooring easy to install and quick to install. However, to achieve aesthetic effect as well as quality, you should let the construction unit do your work.
A construction process SPC locking vinyl flooring is correct, you need to go through the following steps:

    • Step 1: Calculate the area and number of floors. Check the floor surface carefully before applying. If there is any problem at this step, you can negotiate and discuss with the landlord to come up with a suitable solution


    • Step 2: Prepare necessary tools such as plastic flooring and construction tools.< /li>


    • Step 3: Underlay and assemble.


    • Step 4: Wrap and finish.


    • Step 5: Check and review after construction.



EN. Address to buy reputable – quality SPC plastic flooring

You are looking to line the floor of your family room and need buy it quickly faux wood flooring ? Are you looking for a floor construction unit for a rented business premises? You want to buy in bulk SPC vinyl flooring but the price must be favorable, delivery fast delivery and door to door?
See now Thien Phu Si – the unit has been around for nearly 20 years. Specializing in providing SPC lock plastic flooring prestige, delivery Fast delivery with extremely favorable price.
Thien Phu Si is committed to providing customers with products of outstanding quality. In addition, affordable prices and optimal customer service have always been our strengths.

    • For bulk purchase</span >: we are always in stock. In addition, products have extremely high discount prices and incentives combined with professional, dedicated and thoughtful services, ensuring customers are completely satisfied when buying at the company.< /li>


    • For first time customers, buy retail : we are ready to send samples and proofs of origin, product information, competitive price commitment along with many after-sales services.


Sàn nhựa SPC có tính ứng dụng cao

VII. Price of vinyl flooring with SPC lock

You are looking for product quote SPC lock vinyl flooring? Contact hotline 0918 694 749 for quick update – exact latest price list of Thien Phu Si.</ span>

As shared above, depending on the thickness, the product has different quotes respectively. Thien Phu Si JSC, we currently provide a wide range of reputable and quality plastic construction materials at competitive prices nationwide. In which, imitation wood plastic flooring is always a product in the TOP BEST SELLER. We hope that we will be a great choice for customers.

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The above article has provided a lot of information about the product, specifications, production process of SPC vinyl flooring. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us for the best price. Hope you find a product you like!

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