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Taiwan plastic cabinet panels

Taiwan plastic cabinet panels

Appearing and being used extremely widely in recent years, products manufactured from Taiwanese plastic cabinets possess many outstanding advantages. Join Thien Phu Si to learn a little about the information, uses, production process and the latest price list in 2021 of this material!

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I. What is Taiwan plastic cabinet panels?

Taiwanese plastic cabinet panels also known as Taiwan plastic panels, ChinHuei Taiwan plastic panels. This is a product that is no longer too strange and is loved by a large number of consumers because of its convenience.

The product is made from Taiwan cabinet which is aesthetically pleasing, durable and especially safe for users. Therefore, the product specializes in manufacturing furniture and stationery products such as wardrobes, TV cabinets, beds, tables…

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1. Construction of Taiwan plastic cabinets

The special thing of Taiwanese ChinHuei plastic sheet compared to other types Another plastic sheet lies in its structure.

Plastic cabinet panels is made entirely of ABS plastic beads, hollow core, 2 layers, with high rigidity and bearing capacity. In addition, the plastic sheet has good strength and durability. It is this structure that helps products from Taiwanese plastic sheet age. long service life, easier to install, disassemble and transport than other products.

2. Properties of Taiwan plastic cabinets

Taiwanese plastic products has special properties. Here are some unique features of the product:

2.1. High quality plastic material, has good heat resistance and bearing capacity

On the market, plastic cabinets are diverse in design, originating from many countries: China, Japan, Vietnam… Taiwanese plastic (exported) origin from Taiwan) is highly appreciated. Taiwanese plastic sheet is famous for its heat resistance and good bearing capacity.

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2.2. Safe and highly durable

It is no coincidence that this product line is so popular. If the product is made of ordinary plastic, the shelf life is only 1-3 years. But for Taiwan high-grade plastic cabinet, you can use it up to 20 years. The product is colorfast, does not peel, warp, or mold during use.

Moreover, the product is composed of primary plastic beads, safe absolutely for the user.

2.3. Easy to install, disassemble, maintain and clean periodically

Products such as shelves, tables, wardrobes, beds… are assembled from plastic cabinets. When relocating, relocating, you can easily disassemble and transport.

In addition, periodic maintenance and cleaning for Taiwanese plastic furniture is not difficult. Just use a dry towel, wipe clean and carefully, the furniture is beautiful and shiny like new. This is also the outstanding feature of the product. Because ordinary plastic and plywood panels are easy to stick to dirt, it is difficult to clean because of their permeability.

2.4. Various designs and models

Taiwanese plastic sheet used to make a lot of things furniture use. The surface of the plastic sheet is glossy, beautiful and colorful, with eye-catching textures. Helping to bring luxurious and sophisticated interior space in families, offices, businesses and schools.

What is Taiwan plastic cabinet plate

3. Classification of Taiwan plastic cabinets

In the market, there are many ways to classify Taiwan plastic cabinet panels. Thien Phu Si shares the most popular way of classifying plastic cabinets today, which is classification by thickness.

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3.1. 15mm thick plastic sheet

Plastic sheet with a thickness of 15mm is often used as a cabinet shelf, book shelf, wardrobe door panel… Other sizes in width and length will be customized according to customer’s order.

3.2. 25mm thick plastic sheet

Taiwanese plastic sheet with a thickness of 25mm is often used as a wardrobe body, table top, bed top… Other dimensions in terms of dimensions Width and length are also customized according to customer’s order.

Depending on using needs Taiwanese plastic sheet that the customer calculates, chooses to order according to the appropriate size. If you are still unsure about these parameters, please contact us immediately for a FREE consultation.

II. Specifications of Taiwan plastic cabinets

Taiwanese plastic products on the market are usually assembled from plastic panels together. These plastic sheets often share common specifications. Below is the specification of Taiwanese Chin Huei plastic sheet:</span >

  • The 15mm thick plastic sheet has the following parameters:

Width (horizontal): 200mm, 310mm, 400mm.

Length: 2400mm, 2000mm, 1800mm.

  • 25mm thick plastic sheet has the following common parameters:

Width (horizontal): 450mm, 510mm, 550mm.

Length: 1800mm, 1900mm, 2000mm, 2400mm, 2500mm.

Also, customers can completely order their own sizes. Thien Phu Si – specialized supplier Taiwanese plastic sheet. We are committed to bringing high quality products at affordable prices.


III. Uses of Taiwan plastic cabinets

Today, the product is made from Taiwan plastic sheet yes broad aspects of life. Here are some product uses, you can refer to:

1. In life

First to mention the decorative and beauty uses in houses and apartments. Products such as wardrobes, washbasin cabinets, tables and chairs are manufactured from Taiwanese plastic as beautiful and luxurious as other materials.

In addition, the product’s surface is beautiful, smooth and absolutely waterproof, so the product is highly applicable in interior installations in bathrooms and kitchens. Material entirely from ABS primary plastic beads safe, especially for children.

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2. In industry

Today, you can easily see the furniture assembled from this plastic sheet in offices, industrial parks, export processing. Long warranty period, long life and resistance to harsh conditions. Products such as cabinets, shoe shelves, bathroom sinks, tables and chairs… from ChinHuei plastic sheets are popular and widely used.

In addition, the absolute safety of these products also makes it on the list of furniture worth buying. Materials that are safe for health and environmentally friendly are always the concerns of businesses. If you are interested in the product, consider choosing to use this green material!

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